Monday, September 1, 2014

Heart(s) On My Sleeve

Wearing: Lookbook Store heart print romper, Vienne Milano "Claudia" black pantyhose, thrifted vintage t-strap heels, Deux Lux bag.

Today was the first day all summer where I felt it was acceptable enough to wear pantyhose outside... thank the lord! I always love wearing hosiery as I think it can make an outfit so much cuter, but in the summer it's just way too hot for that. September is here which means nothing if you live in Florida like me, but I'm trying to put myself in the mindset of fall styles, and thinking up ideas of how I can wear fall pieces and dress like it's fall, except in almost 100 degree weather. I'm just gonna start leaning towards darker colors and outfits that look good for all year long, like this adorable little romper here from Lookbook Store. I'm not big on rompers because I feel like they look unflattering on me so I don't own many, but I just couldn't help myself with this one. I love the classic style of it with the white collar and cuffed sleeves, and the quirky, bold heart print makes it that much cuter! I paired it with my Vienne Milano pantyhose this time around, and I would like to mention how impressed I am with these pantyhose! I wore them to my concert the other day, and I definitely was rough with them, accidentally of course. I knew that when I left they'd be all torn apart, but they had a few minor snags, nothing major or noticeable at all. All pantyhose I've had in the past snag so easily that they're pretty much done for after one day of wear, so I will admit here that I'm officially done wearing any other brands of pantyhose except for these! Anyways, sorry for the super long text, but I'm just loving the clothes I'm wearing today! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kohl's Back to School Challenge #FINDYOURYES - Part III

*Post is sponsored by Kohl's and they have so kindly provided me with Kohl's gifts, however, all opinions are completely my own.*

This week I'm happy to be showing you all the last part of the three back-to-school posts, where I create three super cute outfits for under $100! Seems impossible I know, because I was so unsure of how I was about to put together three outfits for $100 when I went to my local Kohl's, and when I got to the register it rung up to being $110. The woman at the register told me to use this coupon on retailmenot, which brought it down to $88! On top of that, I also got $10 in Kohl's Cash which was like I saved even more! 

This challenge was a little tricky for me as not all of the pieces in the outfits are from Kohls, and some of them (the two pairs of shoes) were purchased for my second challenge. Each of these outfits are under $100, but the purchase I made for the actual outfits came out to being $88, and for that I got that super cute Brooklyn tee, the Pink Floyd tee (if you love band tees like I do always remember to check out the guys section!), both of the skirts, and the plaid tunic. Here's more photos from all of the outfits, and the prices from them all! 

- - - - 

Wearing: Kohl's "Brooklyn" Tee, Kohl's gray quilted-look skater skirt, Kohl's leopard print slip-on sneakers, Nila Anthony bag, ZeroUV sunglasses. 

A little about the outfit: Since this is still a back-to-school challenge, I'm still putting together outfits that I would wear to school. I was feeling an urban-girly vibe with this outfit, and while it is cute, it's also super comfy and a simple outfit as well which makes it perfect for school. I'm obsessed with cute graphic tees lately so I couldn't pass up this simple little "Brooklyn" tee...I love the lettering and it can be paired with anything!

Cost of outfit:


TOTAL: $64.97

Wearing: Kohl's tunic, Kohl's leggings, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, thrifted boots, Target thigh-high socks.

A little about the outfit: I will admit that I went out and took photos of this outfit without actually wearing it yet, because it's still so hot still. When I bought this tunic I thought it was going to fit longer than it does, and I was originally wanting to wear it as a shirt dress. But, I just paired this light and comfy pair of workout leggings with it (as a substitute for black jeans) and I layered some thigh-high socks over and wore my boots. I definitely will be wearing it because it's such an adorable outfit in my opinion, and it's really making me wish fall weather was here already. After I took these photos, I went straight to get me a pumpkin (iced) coffee! 

Cost of outfit:


TOTAL: $34.98

Wearing: Kohl's Pink Floyd graphic tee, Kohl's skater skirt, thrifted Ralph Lauren denim shirt, Kohl's cut-out booties, Kohl's floral beanie (no longer available).

A little about the outfit: For this outfit, I had to get me another skater skirt from Kohl's, when I went in the store I saw so many cute fall skater skirts...they'll be so perfect for fall layering! I picked up this one along with the gray quilted-looking skirt in the first outfit, and I think I'll go back and get more, because they really had such a nice variety and they were all very inexpensive! These skirts are serious staple wardrobe pieces for me, I just hate wearing shorts and pants most of the time and don't always wanna wear a dress, so these are perfect! With this skirt I originally grabbed a loose fitting black tank top, but then I thought to look in the guys section, as I love me a good band tee. They had so many to pick from and all good shirts too, it was hard to decide! They had a Guns 'n' Roses shirt that I really liked but only in L and XL so I went with this Pink Floyd tee, I've been meaning to get a Pink Floyd tee lately anyways and I was really sold on this unique teal color, and so I decided to pair a more grungy look around it! 

Cost of outfit:


TOTAL: $109.97

This one was a bit of a "splurge" since it went outside the $100 limit, but Kohl's has tons of coupons all the time, so apply one of those and it'll definitely knock down that price like it did for me the other day. $110 down to $88? Sounds good to me! 

- - - -

While each of these outfits are each about $100, like I said the pieces I bought for the outfits themselves all came in at under $100. The shoes and accessories I looked at as extras...and of course not all of the items were from Kohl's. Through this style challenge I was really surprised, and I'll be honest, I'm a new-found lover of Kohl's! I've always thought it was a nice store with lovely clothing, but for some reason always got the vibe it was expensive in there, but now I'm finding I was totally wrong! They have such a large variety of cute clothes for junior girls and women (and of course men as well), and no matter what your style is, you're sure to find something you like. I shopped online for the last challenge but for this one I went in store, and had a much better experience, only because I saw many more things that I might've accidentally looked over on the website! Anyways, hoped you all enjoyed these style challenges! I sure had a lot of fun doing them and am so excited about my lovely new pieces that I'll be wearing all season long! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photo Diary: My mini-trip to ATL!

Hey everyone! I've been such a terrible blogger lately but I promise I'll make it up to you with lots of September posts! I always have this goal of trying to post 20 times a month, but I never make it. Sometimes close, but I usually only post like 12 times a month. BUT starting next month (which is 2 days away!) I'll post much more....promise. Anyways, the reason I've been such an awful blogger this week is because I just went to Atlanta to see Aerosmith on Thursday! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already knew...I had the most wonderful concert experience of my life and I've been facing some terrible post-concert depression with a side of some on/off hysterical crying sessions ever since. I took most of my photos from the trip with my iPhone as well, it's just so much easier and the iPhone 5 camera is very impressive. Here's my favorite photos from the trip...

A car selfie....a picture of the boring but still kind of pretty road to Atlanta....a photo of the city....and a picture my mom took of me to post while I was doing my short Others Follow IG takeover.

After we got to the arena we walked around a bit since we still had a while to wait. Atlanta is so beautiful and I'm loving the giant ferris wheel! As for the photo on the right, I remember being in the same spot super excited for my first Aerosmith two years ago so I snapped another pic of this entrance for memory.

I'm obsessed with the panoramic camera feature on my iPhone but always forget to use it....but when I was bored sitting in the food court of the CNN center I decided to take a panoramic's so pretty in there to me! 

On this tour, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators were the opening act. They were really good (SLASH DUH AMAZING OBVIOUSLY) but I still wish Cheap Trick would've toured with Aerosmith again, because they're another one of my favorite bands. I also reunited with one of my fave gals Peri which was of course really fun, and I met some other fans I talk to on Twitter which was great! I love meeting other people who love Aerosmith as much as I do! 

I was so lucky enough to be one of the few girls to go inside the barricade in front of the catwalk to see the show which I've never done, and I never even knew was possible to do until that night! I've always wanted to see them front row without that barricade between me and the stage, and I got to Thursday night! It was the best concert I've ever been to. Second best day best day ever being the day I met Steven at the Tampa concert in 2012, haha! But the concert on Thursday was that true Aerosmith fan experience for me, and it was so much fun being close to my favorite rockstars like I was and just being able to sing along with Steven right in front of my face like he was. Also, his eyes look dark but Steven was totally looking at my camera when I took that picture on the right. I remember him making eye contact and looking at my phone a bit while I snapped a few pictures. I didn't even have time to freak out either but it's okay, because it's all catching up with me now.

So yes, since Thursday night I've been uncontrollably on/off crying with permanent ugly crying face over these guys. Maybe some of you will think I'm weirdly obsessive. But, I would be lying if I said I wasn't. Every time I go see them I go on this long discussion about how much this band means to me, and here I am to do it again. Words can't even describe at this point how much of an inspiration Steven is to me with not only the music but just his road to fame and never giving up on his dreams, so it really helps me when I'm feeling discouraged about mine. Aerosmith's music always makes me feel so much better when I'm down, and my love for them is for life. 

Thanks for reading everyone! I had to take one day off from posting about my main love fashion to express my feelings about my other main love, as you can see! Hope you're all having a great weekend so far! xx